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2024 Tri for a Cure VIRTUAL

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Support me in the fight against cancer!

Three years ago I got diagnosed with breast cancer. I was under the impression that you get cancer, have your treatment and go about your life. That is not the way it works. Peoples lives are changed forever. I have been so lucky to have support and resources that not everybody does. It would bring me so much joy to give back to this amazing community and help raise money for this event.

This year I'll be participating in the 17th Annual Maine Cancer Foundation Tri for a Cure. Maine Cancer Foundation is committed to reducing cancer incidence and mortality rates in Maine, with 100% of funds raised by the Foundation used to benefit the people of Maine. MCF leads a statewide effort to foster and grow the most promising and effective cancer-fighting efforts available to the people of Maine through a combination of grant-based financial support and coalition building. MCF serves as a hub for Maine's cancer community, but they can't do it without you. Join us as we invest across the state to change the story of cancer in Maine.

Every dollar counts! With your support, we can make a difference! Cancer tries but we TRI harder!