Support me in the fight against cancer!

In July I will be participating in my 9th Tri for a Cure. In the last eight years, with your generosity, I have raised over $84,000. I continue to do my part to help eradicate cancer. Last year those who supported me with donations made me the number one fundraiser for the MCF’s Tri for a Cure.

My story hasn’t changed. I have many family and friends who have had cancer and some who are currently battling cancer. When I was twenty-four my mother died of pancreatic cancer at age sixty-two. That was when I realized how important it is to support cancer research. My husband has had cancer twice and thankfully been successfully treated. I’m so pleased medical advances and treatments have resulted in a positive outcome for him and many others. There’s still so much more to be done. That is why I’m participating in the 2024 Tri for A Cure. 

I’m very grateful to those of you whose support, encouragement and generosity helped me get through a fantastic experience in the 2023 Tri for a Cure. If you have not donated previously to my fundraising effort, I would be most appreciative if you would donate this year and delighted to add you to my list of supporters.

One Hundred Percent of your donations go to the Maine Cancer Foundation to support dozens of Maine-based cancer programs working to prevent, detect, treat and cure cancer.  Please join me in the fight against cancer. In return, I promise to put all my energy into finishing strong!!!  

Please don’t wait. Consider making a donation online RIGHT NOW by clicking on “SUPPORT ME”

Every dollar counts! With your support, we can make a difference! Cancer tries but we TRI harder!