Support me in the fight against cancer!

It’s personal this year. 

This July, I’ll be participating in the 17th Annual Maine Cancer Foundation Tri for a Cure. Having done this race before, I know firsthand the power that it holds and the impact that it creates. It leaves a lasting mark on the lives of those who are lucky enough to participate and the lives of those who we are all raising funds for. 

While I no longer live in Maine, my ties there will forever be strong. And this year, the race feels more personal. 

In September of 2023, I had a cyst removed that I had previously been told was nothing to worry about, it was benign. Until it was actually tested–then a new story began. 

It was a rare form of cancer and I would have to undergo surgery (a first for me), to ensure there were clean margins, meaning, any effected skin was removed, leaving me cancer-free. Surgery was a success and my surgical team were absolute rockstars.

Navigating this journey has been a rollercoaster to say the least. First, I’m hyper-focused on my overall wellness. I try to do all of the things you’re supposed to do to keep yourself well. Movement, eating nutrient-dense foods, mindset practices. So how then, could my body let me down like this? What did I do wrong? There have been a lot of feelings of confusion and anger. 

Then there was guilt. The cancer I had was nothing compared to what many individuals go through. My treatment was swift, recovery was smooth and now, it’s just scheduled check ups for the the coming years to ensure there’s no recurrence. Manageable compared to some. 

Then there was the mindset shift. My experience is my own and regardless of how it may compare to others, my feelings and how I work through this are valid. Going from anger and let down to empowerment–I’ve worked hard to keep my body strong and capable and I felt powerful in knowing that my strong body would get me through this. 

So yeah, the race this year feels personal. I’m honored and grateful to be a part of the journey, helping to make sure those in Maine have the access and care they need to fight their battles. 

Every dollar counts! With your support, we can make a difference! Cancer tries but we TRI harder!