Support me in the fight against cancer!

Breast Cancer has turned my family's world upside down and I am on a mission to fight for my future and future generations.  I am BRCA II positive and had been following routine medical screening and preventative measures since 2012 when I was diagnosed with Stage III breast cancer in September of 2020. My story with breast cancer did not start there, my oldest sister was diagnosed at 23 years old. Fast forward almost 20 years and my mother was diagnosed.  We did genetic testing at that time and found out both of my sisters, my father and I were all BRCA II carriers. My mother was not a carrier.  Mom fought for two long years before she passed away in 2013 from this disease. Additionally, my father was diagnosed in 2021. Thankfully, my sisters, my father and I are all survivors. My Mom was the greatest fighter I know, and her determination, resilience and positive attitude are a foundation for my journey.  

This is the second year I will participate in the Tri for a Cure. All proceeds from this all women triathlon stay in the state of Maine and go towards the endless battle against cancer. I Tri because I still fight every day. I had a serious scare of recurrence this year and it only renewed my motivation and energy to fight.  I Tri for the future of my family. My children, nieces and nephews who have a 50/50 chance of being gene carriers. I Tri for my friends and the amazing army of people I have met that have fought, are fighting and have lost their fight.  I Tri for my mother who never gave up. I Tri because cancer isn’t going to continue to take from me and my family.

I am lucky and honored to be joined by two amazing young women who I not only get to work with in my professional life but also as a cancer kicking Tri team. Together, Patience, Sara and I are dedicated to fighting cancer as we swim, bike and run with the BREAST INTENTIONS. 

I am eternally grateful for your support whether by donation or in positive thoughts! No one fights alone!  Thank you for your contribution!

Every dollar counts! With your support, we can make a difference! Cancer tries but we TRI harder!