Stephanie Mcleod-Estevez

Team Captain For the ones we love 2018 Tri for a Cure

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This is my 3rd Tri for a Cure, and while every year I have raced in memory of my mom, this year is dedicated to her. My initial inspiration for the team was "For the Love of Libby"- as a play on the saying "For the love of God", which she used to say playfully when she was exasperated with me.

I have lived almost 18 years since her death from metastatic breast cancer.  Initially, after she had died, there was such a hole in my heart I was not sure how to function without her. It took a long time, but eventually I healed and had the good fortune of having my own children, which helped me to feel closer to her again.

When I was diagnosed with breast cancer myself, it was her example of going through treatment that helped me to get through it myself. For a mother never stops being a mother in the heart of her child.

We need more focus on developing treatment for Stage 4 cancers. My mother initially was given the possibility of living 5 to 10 years with metastatic disease, but she died less than a year later. While we truly can never have enough time with the ones we love, her death at the age of 51 was far to premature. I was 26 and just trying to build a life, and had she lived longer, she would have had the chance to meet my children.

That being said, please donate this year in the memory or in honor of the person you love. All of the money raised goes to supporting the Maine Cancer Foundation.

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