Team Sylvestre celebrates 20 years of support of Mary's Walk in this 2019 campaign. Two folks, like the thousands surrounding them, hoping to chip away at Cancer one small donation at a time. What started out as a cathartic walk in memory of family and friends struck down by Cancer has morphed into so much more. We had our turn fighting cancer a few years ago. And as many of you know, it's not a one man, one woman fight. Like a black hole it sucks in people anywhere near the victim. It's a war to maintain stamina while fighting the disease and coping with the ongoing trials of life that disregard your plight. Mary's Walk is the metaphor for every family's struggle. People coming together to muster strength in numbers, to rally every ounce of energy to resist defeat and even dare to hope to claim total victory. Much has changed in the last 15 years. Many Cancers have met a formidable foe in scientific discoveries such as immunotherapy, highly refined radiation treatments, new surgical techniques and incredible tests for early detection of stealthy, aggressive Cancers. Mary's Walk has a hand in that. The money we raise for Mary's Walk stays right in Maine. Maine Cancer Foundation receives the proceeds from Mary's Walk to fund programs to ease the burden of Cancer victims and their families and channels funds to promising research like the work being done right here at the University of New England. So we ask you to pitch in; a lot or a little. After all, an ocean is just a collection of a whole lot of little drops of water. Every drop counts!

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