Everyone I know has lost someone to cancer. I have. There are no words to express how upsetting it is to  see the fight and want to help....THIS is my way of helping. I want to help the people fighting to beat cancer, I want to support the survivors and I want do something to honor those that have been lost to this terrible disease. 

I promise you all, that our team, WALK STARS will continue EVERY YEAR!  We will never stop walking to find a cure and we will always make sure that ANYONE who wants to walk, will never have to do it alone.

 I call our team "Walk Stars" as a way to include anyone who:

 belongs to more than one organization, 

belongs to an organization that does not participate in the Walk, 

are  folks who do not belong to an organized group. 

Our Team members unite as this awesome group...

WE are Stars, doing something great for our community...

walking together to raise money and awareness to fight Cancer. 

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