Not Yet, NET

Twilight 5K - 2017

Team Not Yet, NET is here in its 5th consecutive year to help bring money and awareness to cancer prevention and treatment right here in Maine.

NET stands for Neuroendocrine Tumor, which is the type cancer that I have. This team started with a few friends who wanted to support me, and it grew beyond anything we could have imagined. In 4 years, we have raised over $42,000, and for our 5th anniversary, we would love to top $50,000. The team may have fluctuated in members over the years, but we have had around 70 people join our team. Not only that, we have many people not join, but are simply annual givers - and we are so grateful.  Our team has undoubtedly impacted cancer research and prevention.

This team is not about supporting just my efforts, but to ALL cancers and to those lost by its deadly nature. We recently lost a team member to cancer - Catherine. My sister in law/team member, Anna, just had major surgery removing her tumor. There are many others...and will be more.

Cancer surrounds us. Lets do what we can to put a stop to it.



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$15,530.00 Raised
69 Participants