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This is our mom Noella Vire. 2017 will be the 4th time our family walks in her memory. Our mom passed away from Kidney Cancer in 2013. Our father asked our sister to make a donation in moms memory. She told my dad if he made a donation she would walk. Our family all got together and went out and started seaking doantions and walked. Our mom was an awesome lady who loved everyone. In 2015 our dad walked MARYS WALK with us and at that time he had cancer and did not know it. He had colon cancer and is cancer free today, in 2016 he walked as a survivor. He will walk with us again this year. Our family has faced cancer several times this past year with other family members having and battling cancer as well as friends battling cancer. Please help us to find a cure and eliminate cancer once and for all. Thank you to all those who have donated and to those who may give us your support.

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