Angels Among Us

A personal campaign sponsored by The Fundraising Angels

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Have you ever wanted to be an Angel?

In our lifetime angels have helped us numerous times to achieve hopes, dreams and goals. We believe they are all around us in many different shapes and forms.
 This year, instead of being athletes in the Tri for a Cure, We are hoping to help some of the inspiring women who will be participating to reach their goals. Having been intensely involved in the past, including celebrating the Tri's 10 year anniversary, we are in awe of the dedication, camaraderie and love that so many women have for this cause. Over 1,200 women give their all to raise money for Maine Cancer Foundation to support the fight against cancer.
 Helping others

We have been blessed with many wonderful friends and family who have supported us generously each year. And although fundraising was one of our biggest joys, we appreciate that it can be very difficult for others. Some athletes are single mothers who don't have a lot of money or time, and have a hard time asking others to give. Some are going through cancer treatments as they take on this challenge, and have substantial medical bills. Others are cancer survivors and feel they have been given the gift of life, so how can they ask for anything more? 

The purpose of angel fund raising is to support the women who could use a little extra help to reach their goals, including raising the minimum of $500 to participate. All monies donated will be gifted to athletes anonymously, just prior to the deadline for fundraising. The recipients will be decided by a small group of past participants who wish to champion this cause. By becoming an angel fundraiser, together we can make sure these athletes meet their fundraising goals while also contributing to the Maine Cancer Foundation.

How to get your wings

Tri for a Cure will be held on July 19, 2020. As an Angel you can make a tax deductible donation by clicking on the link here, or by writing a check directly to Maine Cancer Foundation, noting "Angels Among Us Fund", and mailing it to: Maine Cancer Foundation, 170 US Route One, Suite 250, Falmouth, ME 04105.
 We hope you too will become An Angel Among Us!  
 Thank you so much!!