"...finding a cure isn't optional. We must and will find a cure. Each and everyone of us is making a difference." -Doug Bennett.  When I was just 3 years old, my father, Doug Bennett, was diagnosed with Thyroid Cancer, but thanks to the kind of work we put in to finding a cure, he was able to fully recover. Unfortunately, I have lost too many others to this awful disease. I lost both my grandfathers, one before I was born, and the other when I was just two years old. I also lost my great uncle, and my dog. This is why I'm so adamant in finding a cure for cancer, because I've been affected in a way I don't want others to experience. Though I am just 13 years old, that doesn't make my contributions any less validated than someone who has been fundraising their entire lives. I hope you can donate to me, or at least somebody participating in Mary's Walk, I'd appreciate it no matter who you support. Thank You!

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