Mallory Cash

Tri for a Cure 2017

Five triathlons have come and gone, and the Cash Family is gearing up for our 6th TRI For A Cure -  and the 10th anniversary of the event as a whole. I began the TRI journey in 2012 on my own, and now I come into year six with the entire family and community rallying together in support of the Maine Cancer Foundation.

In these 5 years, we've come together to raise over $20,000 together - $10,000 in the first 4 years, and we hit our goal of $10,000 raised just last year. That's $20,000 that goes to parents, friends, children, siblings, coworkers, and beyond. $20,000 that helps with transportation, research, clinical trials, patient care, care-giving support, and much more. $20,000 closer to the cure - $20,000 closer to cancer free.

It's been a year of praying and believing in the science, believing in new medicine, believing in the cure. Since last year's TRI, we have personally seen the benefits of preventative care, scans, research and clinical trials. We have personally seen the help in transportation with trips to Boston. 

There are so many - our neighbors, our friends - who are fighting this hard fight. You always see my arms with initials on them on TRI day. This year, there's another to add. 

SE - A friend of mine in the Maine running community, and annual Tri supporter, was recently diagnosed with an aggressive form of breast cancer - only a few years older than me. She was instrumental in my injury recovery after the 2013 Tri, inspiring me by her heart and tenacity in ultramarathoning, and she was the first to join me at 4:30am when I was ready to pound the pavement again, and setting my eyes back on a marathon again. She begins her chemo treatment at the end of March in Scarborough.
RP - My dear friend Randall still battles a rare form of lymphoma in Kansas City.
LPS - My stepmother was re-diagnosed last fall with lung cancer after 4 years of hearing the words "cancer free". She went through another round of radiation and her staff was happy with results during her last appointment at the University of Pennsylvania on March 22nd. 
JC - My mother in law has seen great success in her drug trials at Mass General in Boston and her team has said that the disease is now "under control". 
MK & DC - Of course we remember Michael and Don - for whom without... I most certainly would not be where I am today. 

We have all been touched by cancer. We don't need to look very far to see someone who's battling this awful disease.Cancer does not discriminate. It does not care what age you are, where you live, if you already beat it, what you wore today, how far you ran, or how many vegetables you ate. It knows no bounds. But what also knows no bounds... our love - our fierceness - our heart - our community - our commitment to the fight - our commitment to a cure. 

The beauty of giving is that it comes from the heart - it is selfless. But the beauty is also how it comes full circle. We come together, we build each other up, and we are a force to be reckoned with. Please choose to join Maine's fight against cancer.  Your contribution will bring us one step closer and inspire me along the course. We all thank you for your unwavering support through the years and appreciate all you have helped us accomplish. 

Cancer tries. WE TRI HARDER!

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