Karen Wheeler

Team Captain Team Lolly Tri for a Cure 2017

5 years ago this spring I was diagnosed with cancer. My very first thought was "Thank God my children are grown". My mind jumped back in time when most people who received a diagnosis of cancer did not survive. But thanks to research and modern technology, that is no longer the case. I was treated with a combination of chemtherapy and radiation therapy that was developed specifically for my type of cancer. This past fall I was released from my oncologist's care and am officially cured!

I, along with my daughter-in-law, Heidi, and my sons' stepmom, Lisa, am participating in this year's Tri For A Cure. This is our second year participating in this fund raiser as Team Lolly!

Because of my personal experience I am comfortable reaching out to you today and asking for a donation to continue the life-saving research for finding treatments and cures for all types of cancer. I am cured. There are others who are praying for this miracle. Please help their miracle happen.

Simply follow link provide below to make your donation. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Again this year I'm dedicating this race to two remarkable women who left us way too soon, Sheila Paul and Jill Bowen. Two young mothers we should all aspire to emulate.


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