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2021 Tri for a Cure

Support Me

Support me in the fight against cancer!

This year I'll be participating in the 14th Annual Maine Cancer Foundation Tri for a Cure. Maine Cancer Foundation is committed to reducing cancer incidence and mortality rates in Maine, with 100% of funds raised by the Foundation used to benefit the people of Maine. They lead a state-wide effort to advance the most promising and effective cancer-fighting efforts available through a combination of grant-based financial support and coalition building. 

During the pandemic, cancer has persisted. 1 in 4 Mainers will face a cancer diagnosis. But we have a chance to change that. It's more important than ever that we continue to provide support to patients statewide to ensure that everyone is able to access the best care possible. Thank you for joining me in supporting MCF and ensuring that their efforts to increase screening and prevention rates continue while also providing critical funding for patient care.

Every dollar counts! Please consider a donation. Cancer tries but we TRI harder!