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2018 Tri for a Cure

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This year I tri for Travis Soule! 

Travis was a regular at the Fitness Factory since the day I started teaching spin.  He loaned me his personal road bike to train for my first Tri For a Cure and even showed me the ins and outs of riding outside. His passion was riding in and out of the gym.  His passion has encouraged me to ride this year!  February 17th, 2018, I was teaching my spin class just like any ordinary Saturday.  Travis was in the front row, directly in front of me, per usual.  I will never forget this date as long as I live.  Travis, the strongest person in the class, fell off his bike and was suffering a major heart attack.  We did everything we could to save him.  Travis would not want me to give up.  He would want me to go hard like he did every single day.   Please consider donating this year so that I can dedicate my ride to Travis and do the best I’ve ever done!  I will miss you Travis and Spin will never be the same, Yankee Ford will never be the same!  You loved hard and we all became better people because you were in our lives.  I love you 💕 

Every dollar counts! Please consider a donation. Cancer tries but we TRI harder!

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