Molly O'Sullivan

Team Captain O'Sullivan Strong 2018 Tri for a Cure

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It's hard to find out that someone so close to you has cancer. When my mom told me my dad was diagnosed, the words just didn't seem right. It didn't seem real. But it was. 

I had just gotten out of my Stats Exam which I had to take after school when my mom told me in the car. I was so shocked when she she said the "C" word, I instantly burst into tears. I had so many questions. I felt entirely hopeless and lost.

Why this have to happen to us? Again? 

My mom had gotten diagnosed with cancer when I was young and is now a survivor. To me I would think that would be enough, but for some reason in God's plan for our lives this had to happen again. And sometimes you just have to trust that he knows what he's doing.

When I got home that day after school and opened my front door I saw my dad standing in the kitchen. He was smiling. I immediately ran over and hugged him as he told me it was okay to be sad, but that he was entirely confident he would be okay. That he had faith.

And I told him I had faith too.

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