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2018 Tri for a Cure

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This year I'll be participating in the 11th Annual Maine Cancer Foundation Tri for a Cure, my 7th year involved in this most inspiring event. More and more, our loved ones and those around us hear the words "you have cancer", or "cancer has returned". However, more and more we also hear "you are cancer free". The advances that have come into the cancer world are unbelievable, and it's events like the Tri For A Cure that fund medical advances that may eventually help me, you, your neighbor, my friend, and more. We do this for them, and those that continue to cheer us on from above. I'm so thankful that in the past 6 years, you've helped me raise over $30,000 for the Maine Cancer Foundation, and I hope to hit another lofty goal for 2018. 

A few weeks ago, my stepmother called to say that extremely small cancer cells had returned in her lungs - after being in remission for many years. She is not alone in this story, but this is the story of so many who have triumphed through that hard battle, only to be faced with another one. Her team at UPenn and Cedars-Sinai are on careful watch through the next few months. My mother in law continues to fight fearlessly thanks to a trial at the breast center at Mass General in Boston. My fabulous friend Sarah kicked the **** out of cancer, went through hell and came back fighting - completing the Boston Marathon - she finishes her last infusion next week (May 14) and is taking part in the TRI as a survivor this year. My dear friend Randall is moving to Arizona to find some healing in the warm sun and also try out some CBD options that aren't available in his current state. 

Many ask - what does my donation do? Where does it go? Look at the paragraph above. It goes to these people. It goes to your friends and mine who receive preventative care to avoid cancer - it goes to supporting patients and families going through the cancer journey - it goes to celebrating our triumphs and pushing through the challenges that come before us. 

Please consider a donation to the Maine Cancer Foundation. 

Maine Cancer Foundation is committed to reducing cancer incidence and mortality rates in Maine, with 100% of funds raised by the Foundation used to benefit the people of Maine. They lead a state-wide effort to advance the most promising and effective cancer-fighting efforts available through a combination of grant-based financial support and coalition building. MCF's Challenge Cancer 2020 initiative is working to reduce cancer incidence and mortality in Maine 20% by 2020 through prevention, screening and early detection, and access to the highest quality care for every Mainer.

Every dollar counts! Please consider a donation. Cancer tries but we TRI harder!

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