Amos' Army

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The Sugarloaf Charity Summit holds a very dear spot in our hearts.  It was at this event in 2011 that we met.  Who would have known that a shared passion for the outdoors, running, skiing, traveling and good times with friends supporting great causes would lead to an amazing relationship as husband and wife.

Six years later, Melissa and I along with our children (Baxter now 3 yo and twins Grace & Foster now 1 yo) -- known as "Family of Five" have made Sugarloaf our home away from home. 

While we have supported the Sugarloaf Charity Summit in many ways (donors, auction items, volunteering, MC, etc.), we realized we can and should do more to give back to an event that has given us so much.  We are reaching out to our family and friends with hopes of raising $5,000.  We have made an initial donation of $500 and will match your donations up to $2,500 (thus the $5,000 goal).

Please support OUR "Family of Five" participation in Amos' Army!  We are raising funds for the Sugarloaf Charity Summit. EVERY DOLLAR raised will stay in Maine to support three critical organizations:

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