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First, Happy New Year to you all!  

As many of you know, I have taken a few years off from my fundraising efforts for the Sugarloaf Charity Summit but I am back at it this year! I am hoping that you might consider donating to this wonderful event that brings our Sugarloaf community together for an amazing cause that benefits the people in Maine who are battling cancer.

It has been 10 years since I was diagnosed with breast cancer and two years since I had an issue with thyroid cancer. I am one of the lucky ones. I have survived cancer and I continue to lead a rich and meaningful life. That is why I am happy to be able to raise money for this event in the hopes that many people will benefit from your generosity and have a positive outcome from their journeys.

Most of us have been touched by cancer in a variety of ways and we all agree that it is about time to rid this disease from our lives for good. Your donation will help do that. Thanks so much for considering making a contribution to the Charity Summit which supports the Martha B. Webber Breast Care Center, The Dempsey Center, and the Maine Cancer Foundation.

Please remember that every dollar counts!

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