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Greetings to All My Friends and Fellow Loafers!

I am back for my 18th year being involved with the Sugarloaf Charity Summit and I hope you will consider supporting me in my quest to fundraise for this year's Charity Summit. I have a goal to raise $1,500 before the event on January 27th and hope you can help!

I was diagnosed with breast cancer in the fall of 1999 and after a year and a half of many different treatments and 17 operations and procedures, I have been cancer free for the past 19 years! WOW! And it would not have been possible with out my fabulous medical team but also my dear Sugarloaf and great friends! I used to get my treatments on Mondays so I could make it to Sugarloaf by Friday for each treasured weekend being on my mountain. It became the way I got through some very crazy times.

Now, we have this great event that raises a mountain of money that is shared by the Martha B. Webber Breast Care Center at Franklin Hospital in Farmington, which takes special care of many women in Franklin Country and the Maine Cancer Foundation which does great things statewide to support cancer research, education and prevention. And new this year is the Dempsey Centers who provide support to cancer patients and caregivers in Southern Maine. Three special organizations! Please consider supporting them...and me!!

Thank YOU and have a great day...and think snow!







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